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Vision and Culture which Deliver Growth and Change

We specialise in working with medium sized, growing businesses who share a common challenge; developing an accountable team. This then enables the senior team/CEO to focus upon strategy and growth. 

Accountability Aligned to Values and Strategy

There is often a point in growth where the team are not ready, or engaged in taking on accountability.  We work with teams to develop and embed a performance culture and create an understanding of how to interpret strategy, so day to day actions are aligned, delivering maximum benefit.

This is more about facilitation than training, although training is used as a door into facilitation at times.  I work with the organisation and team to develop a dialogue which enables exploration and a shared understanding of where we are now, versus where we would like to be.  Together we then consider how to develop the culture (the way we do things) and agree a plan to deliver our vision. 

Team Development Process

Based upon Appreciative Inquiry the process below takes place over several bespoke, facilitated workshops, with a timescale we agree.

In response to the needs identified in each workshop, the content for subsequent workshops is adapted and designed.

Team Performance Model

The team development process is based on the Drexler Sibbet model. It’s circular, rather than linear as it’s a continuous process, because either the team, or it’s circumstances change.


By involving the team in articulating and re-articulating vision and values, they will develop a deeper understanding of how to translate purpose and strategy into day to day meaning.

And through inspirational leadership it becomes part of their DNA through objectives, reviews and continuous engagement.

This creates teams who are agile, innovative and able to improve continuously.

How We Do This

Trust leads to better conversations, better decisions, better results

Commitment, honesty and understanding start with developing trust. Trust is developed through safe, supported conversation.

EvolveYou create bespoke, structured workshops which encourage the team to gently start exploring where they are now, versus where they would like to be.

  • Creative methods are used, for example: Building a Lego model, so the team can talk about the ‘model’, rather than talking about ‘themselves. Removing the threat of it feeling personal.
  • Mapping the Customer Journey to explore it’s highlights and challenges. Answering the question, where are we succeeding and where are we falling short and how can we address this?
  • Using behavioural profiling (LIFO) as a non-threatening way to recognise and value differences in communication and behaviours.

Trust leads to better conversations – better decisions – better results

Workshops and Programmes

Examples of outlines provided here, which will be adapted to your specific needs.

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