Want high performance? Support peoples personal purpose – here’s how.

The trend for people to find personal purpose means more are leaving the employed world to forge their own path. Where does this leave organisations? Are we missing out on talent, because of a belief that it’s not possible to achieve personal purpose whilst employed?

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Time management – don’t work harder, stop instead

You’re super busy, need to deliver your objectives and time management is challenging. Learn a method which makes prioritising enjoyable and will build the motivation and resilience of both you and your team.

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8 Tips for what to do when you don’t achieve your heartfelt vision/goals

When you set out with the best intentions – declaring your aims, creating vision boards, writing your goals down and then you don’t achieve them it can be really demotivating, leaving you asking, ‘why didn’t it work for me?’

This blog will help you to make your future goals more compelling, achievable and juicy!

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