Skill Workshops

Skills of High Performing Teams

A fully aligned and productive team knows how to set goals together, how to review progress and how to solve problems together.

Where these workshops are attended by teams who work together we can focus upon specific scenarios and use the workshop to develop, solve and align.

Team members will have skills to increase future team effectiveness and results.

Workshops can be a full or half day, held at a location of your choice.

Goals to be fired up about

Switched off by SMART objectives?  Want to feel inspired and energised by your goals?  Whether this is individual or team goals, this workshop shows you how.

Solve it Together

Two heads are better than one, the saying goes.  Harness the power of your colleagues in finding solutions together. A practical session where we will practice helping each other to fully explore an issue/problem/idea and  ‘solve it with questions’ (role play and sitting at the front of the room not included).

Plan like a Pro

A practical session where we use interactive and visual techniques to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

These tools are helpful for teams and individuals alike.

Meetings with meaning

Meetings can turn into a ‘to do’ list that’s checked off, but not challenged.  This workshop looks at how to define your meeting purpose – strategy, tactical, reflective?  Helps the team to agree team frequency and format.  Ensures that strategy is continuously referred to, goals and objectives are reviewed for relevance and learning is captured as it happens.  The result being an aligned and agile team, ready to respond immediately.

Do you have specific skills to be developed?

Contact me for a conversation about your specific needs and we’ll work out the best solution together.

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