Personal Skill Workshops

The Power of Personal Review

Reviews aren’t just about your manager giving you feedback – personal reflection and review is the most powerful way to facilitate your own success.

Setting goals you feel fired up to achieve

Switched off by SMART objectives?  Want to feel inspired and energised by your goals? This workshop shows you how.

How to thrive not strive

Would you like to increase your resilience and feel ready to take on anything life brings?  This workshop will help you to develop strategies to thrive.

Plan like a Pro

A practical session where we will use interactive and visual techniques to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

How to assert your needs & influence others

Would you like to find ways to avoid conflict or feeling put upon?  This workshop will help you to reach a win win.

Presenting info with impact

Would you like people to get your point and act upon it?  This workshop will show you how.

How to work smarter by training your mind

Would you like to feel calmer and more focused with crystal clear goals?  This workshop will show you how.

Personal Development Workshops

These workshops can be run within your organisation and open to individuals from various teams.

Workshops can be half a day, a full day or a bitesize motivational session.  Some of the sessions can be combined to make a ‘pick and mix’ day of development.

Full day workshops from £650, half day £400, bitesize £90 per hour.

Do you have specific skills to be developed?

Contact me for a conversation so we can discuss your organisational needs and develop a way to address them.

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