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How would you describe a wonderful life?

It’s tempting to decide what we want – to set goals, know the answers and find solutions.  Lyn starts with asking how you want to feel, who are you when you’re at your most creative and fabulous?  It’s about reflection, knowing what’s important and being aware of what limits you.  Lyn will guide you through a process of discovering so the steps toward your wonderful life will unfold.  It’s the Yin and the Yang of goal creation – thriving, not striving.

The Thrive Programme

The Thrive coaching programme will take you through 6 sessions designed to take you from striving to thriving.  We start with the life audit and time travel review, so we can understand where your focus has been, what you have learned and where you would like to place your focus in the future.

We’ll explore what’s really important to you and how you want to feel by pin-pointing juicy, joy filled words that light you up.

Unravel the beliefs that hold you back by completing a psychometric test, and explore how they might have developed and where they impact upon your life.

We’ll work on your vision for creating your wonderful life and plot the first steps to get there.  Reviewing what you have learned and understood at each coaching session, which will enable us to understand the next steps as they are emerging.

Coaching Sessions

Life coaching is a great opportunity to focus upon you and have an attentive, skilled sounding board.

Thoughts get untangled and clarity and a fresh perspective is achieved.

Coaching can be a one off one hour session, or a series of sessions over a few weeks or months, as we work on evolving your vision for a wonderful life and letting go of what’s holding you back.

Coaching sessions are £70 per one hour session.  

Here’s a flavour for the kind of stuff we might cover in life coaching sessions:

  • Life audit – Understand where you currently spend your time, focus and attention, identify what’s important in each are of your life and where you would like to make changes.
  • Time travel review – When we stop and review we build our resources and resilience as we recognise what we have already achieved.  In this review we create a visual map of your learning, challenges, milestones and achievements in the last 12 months. When you see the whole picture, you will gain clarity.
  • What holds you back?  Complete a psychometric questionnaire which will uncover your self defeating beliefs, enabling us to explore strategies to overcome.
  • Letting go – what do you need to release? What limits you? Strategies for changing mindset and moving on.
  • What lights you up?  – Reconnect with what makes you feel vital and re-energised.  Build more light into your life and create a strong, positive foundation to build your future upon.
  • Love your vision into existence – get crystal clear on what’s important so your future vision is what you REALLY want.  Bring it to life – what do you want to see, hear, feel?
  • Creating juicy, compelling goals – small, doable steps that will fill you up with celebration as you step closer to your ultimate vision.
  • Regular review and adjustment – coaching sessions are an opportunity to review progress, celebrate achievement and adjust your course.

Yearly Audit and Vision Board

A 3 hour one to one session, where we do an audit of the last year, checking out where you have spent your time, your focus and your energy, vs where you would like to have.

Digging into where you’ve developed your resilience through overcoming challenge and change.

Getting to grips with the core feelings you want to focus upon for the year ahead, before creating a vision board to act as a visual reminder for the next 12 months.

This audit can be done at any time of year and it’s recommended that it’s reviewed and refreshed every year around the same time.

3 hour Yearly Audit and Vision Board one to one £175

Free Get to Know you Call

A FREE ‘Get to know you’ call or meeting will help us to explore what you hope to achieve from life coaching.  Get in touch to arrange.

Coaching sessions can happen face to face at my coaching studio in Wellington, your place of work, or they can happen over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

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