Evolve Leaders

Leadership Development Workshops

  • Bespoke programmes over 6-12 months to facilitate deep and lasting change.
  • One or half day workshops, where we uncover current ways of working and identify small, impactful actions to facilitate immediate change.
  • 1-2 hour bite-size booster sessions for motivation, as a top up to learning, or to bring back into focus something that was already known.

Below is a taste of some of the sessions I provide. If there’s something in particular you are looking for, please get in touch.

The content of these workshops can be built into a bespoke programme.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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Leading through Change & Growth

Leaders guide through the fog of change

Developing leaders who are equipped to deal with ambiguity as change happens & strategies evolve.

  • Paint by numbers vs fog leadership
  • Facilitating the sharing of learning
  • How we learn and retain info
  • The power of review and reflection
  • Anticipating ‘change’ lag
  • What to do when you don’t have the answers
  • Talking less and asking more – building team capability through coaching
  • Continuous engagement through the ‘story’ of strategy, vision and values

Reviews & Appraisals which work

Beautiful sunset with tree silhouette
Reviews are not just a once a year occurrence

Managing & reviewing performance. Helping people bring the best of themselves to work.

  • Conditions for motivation & engagement
  • Building capacity through reflection
  • Review frequency & what to cover
  • The structure of an effective review
  • Giving feedback
  • What to include in an annual appraisal
  • The importance of linking back to organisational objectives
  • Coaching for performance improvement

Powerful Influence

Man facing the horizon
Influence is about understanding the needs of others

Understanding their agenda vs selling your own

  • A powerful technique for understanding what your stakeholders & team members need
  • How to really listen by suspending your own agenda
  • Leveraging influence through evidence and results
  • Linking your needs back to vision, values and objectives
  • Where to focus your attention when not everyone is ‘bought in’.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Abstract woman and nature collage
Self awareness is essential for effective leadership

Developing leaders, who develop their teams. Building capability and agility as the organisation evolves.

  • Why your emotional intelligence matters
  • Expressing gratitude & appreciation
  • How your mindset & presence affect your communication
  • Discovering insights and empowering others
  • Creating ownership
  • Identifying the best management approach for each individual
  • The importance of clear, strategically linked objectives
  • Managing the ‘how’ & ‘what’
  • The power of check-ins

Setting Clear Objectives and Expectations

Four leaf clover
Achieving aligned outcomes if more than just luck

Linking objectives to strategic aims.  Team performance aligned across the organisation.

  • The difference between objectives and initiatives
  • Avoiding silo working through transparent objective setting
  • Clarity about the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’
  • Keeping objectives and achievement on track
  • The challenge of measuring qualitative achievement
  • Stretch vs maintenance
  • Why objectives are not a once a year occurrence – keeping them relevant

Bespoke Development

I get to know organisational needs, build trust & develop resilient, supportive leadership teams, who understand how to develop the emotional intelligence, resilience and capabilities of their teams.

Organisations who are responsive to change need leaders who are coaches and facilitators, capable of leading through ambiguity.  The ability to create a vision, even when the path is unclear, or because it’s new and everyone is learning together. 

Let’s start a conversation

The best way to decide whether we can meet your needs is to get in touch.  Understanding your organisation – it’s culture, the way you do things and the challenges you are facing means we can provide the best solution, learning will happen and lasting change will take place.

Contact Lyn and we can have a phone discussion or arrange to meet face to face.
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Lyn has over 20 years experience in facilitation and training, helping leaders, teams and organisations to evolve. Find out more about her background here.