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We can all get stuck on the hamster wheel of doing and it’s so important for us to step off, review, reflect and understand.  This is the way we become more self aware, develop our emotional intelligence and evolve as an individual. 

Mentoring can help you to achieve a specific result in your career or business and coaching can help you to create balance and focus in your life.

Mentoring or life coaching are a great option for giving you a sounding board and a way of gaining crystal clear, fabulous focus so you become unstoppable in your impact!

The length and frequency of sessions are from one hour every week or month, to an intensive half or full day sessions, when I work alongside you to dig deep, review, prioritise and plan.

Life Coaching

One hour sessions can be booked at a frequency to suit you. They can be face to face at my coaching studio near Wellington, Somerset, or phone, Skype or Zoom. I offer an initial (free) half hour call or meeting.

Personal Mentoring

Mentoring provides specific, structured career or business support, incorporating training and identifying how to transfer and implement learning, making sure you get a return on your investment. Sessions can be face to face at my coaching studio near Wellington, Somerset, in your place of work, or by phone, Skype or Zoom.

An initial (free) half hour phone call or meeting will work out the best approach.

Personal Skill Workshops

Empowered individuals, who are self aware and understand the need to develop their emotional intelligence will be happier, more productive employees.

The EvolveYou Skills Workshops cover a number of key skills to develop individuals who recognise the importance of taking ownership for their development and are keen to ensure they are making a positive contribution.

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