We work with leaders who are engaged, enthusiastic, visionary people of medium sized, growing businesses and evolving CICs.

They need people who will enable their organisation to change, grow and be sustainable.

evolveyou help you to evolve your team, so you can evolve your business.

Your team will –

  • Be crystal clear on why the organisation exists and their part in its purpose
  • Understand the organisation strategy and what it means to their plans, prioritisation, decision making and customers
  • Articulate values which they really believe in and live day to day – not just a poster on the wall, or a list on the website
  • Close the gap between how they say they behave and how they really behave
  • Be leaders who naturally articulate the vision, strategy and values everyday, by linking all actions and behaviours back to your ‘why’
  • Make autonomous decisions, fully aligned with what’s needed strategically and be ready to be accountable
  • Be adaptable and agile, identifying the need for change as it occurs, redefining goals and taking proactive action
  • Create clear and efficient customer journeys, which everyone is accountable for
  • Reduce silo working because everyones’ purpose is shared
  • Have honest and challenging conversations, which result in better decisions and better actions

How we work

We do this by distilling the purpose and strategy of the organisation into the DNA of every single team member. Find out more here

We facilitate conversations, which inspire honesty, opening up the opportunity to explore and understand organisational aims. This enables them to understand what it means to how people work, behave, evolve.

We coach leadership teams to implement no hassle, admin light people processes and ways of working. This enables them to keep everyone on track, aligned with values, strategy and objectives.

This means the organisation will maintain momentum, with a team who are focused, agile, autonomous and accountable. They will have the ability to evolve as the organisation evolves.

When you’re juggling increasing customer demand, evolving a game plan and growing a business, focusing upon team development can be difficult.

Work with Lyn at evolveyou to create the space, time and focus to highlight where you are and where you want to be – as a team and an organisation. We will work out together how to get there, involving the whole team, so everyone is accountable.

Lyn has over 20 years experience in facilitation and training, helping leaders, teams and organisations to evolve. Find out more about her background here.

Let’s start a conversation

Contact us to talk about what you would like to achieve,or what you feel is needed to help your team or organisation to develop.  We can explore how we can support you. Let’s start a conversation