The team pause – do, review, understand, act

Teams who review together, evolve together and become better at solving problems and adapting to change.

Many organisations carry out regular individual appraisals, but what about the team?

This fun and experiential day will lead you through a process of team review, moving on from what’s no longer needed and creating a compelling vision together.

The result will be an amazingly aligned team, raring to deliver an exciting future vision.

This day is even more effective if it takes place off site – providing a productive and enjoyable team experience.

The day covers:

Review and celebrate – the team will map out the last 12 months activity, identifying milestones, challenges and learning.  They will be amazed at what they have achieved – cause for celebration!

Shaping the future – the power of the review is that it will start to shape do differentlys for the future and spark new ideas to do even better next time.  These will be captured and crafted into goals and actions.

Letting go – as we are continuously evolving there will be things we need to stop doing, or things that didn’t go so well that are still bugging us.  This is our chance to acknowledge and recognise our contributions, enabling us to release attachments/frustrations and move into a new future.

Powerful visions – individual team members will create a vision board for their vision for the team in the next 12 months.  This will capture their hopes in terms of how the team will work together as well as dreams for achievements.  When these boards are shared it’s a powerful acknowledgement of alignment, as well as differences and provides the platform for discussion to become even clearer about creating a compelling future vision.


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