Leadership Development Workshops

Bespoke programmes over 6-12 months to facilitate deep and lasting change.
One or half day workshops, where we uncover current ways of working and identify small, impactful actions for implementation to facilitate change.
1-2 hour bitesize booster sessions for motivation, as a top up to learning, or to bring back into focus something that was already known.

Below is a taste of some of the sessions I provide. If there’s something in particular you are looking for, please get in touch.

The content of these workshops can be built into a bespoke programme.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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Leading through the fog

Leaders are often dealing with ambiguity as change happens, strategies evolve and learning emerges.

Paint by numbers vs fog leadership

Facilitating the sharing of learning

Anticipating ‘change lag’

What to do when you don’t have all the answers

The secret to influencing

Understanding their agenda vs selling your own

A powerful technique for understanding what your stakeholders & team members need

How to really listen by suspending your own agenda

The mindful leader

How your emotional state impacts upon your team & how to manage that whilst staying authentic

Why your emotional intelligence matters

Expressing gratitude & appreciation

How your mindset & presence affect your communication

Talk less, ask more

Why using questions & listening will build your teams problem solving and resilience

Discovering insights and empowering others

Creating ownership

How we learn and retain information

Why appraisals don’t work

Are once a year reviews dead?  What is the role of the leader in managing performance & helping people bring the best of themselves to work?

Conditions for motivation & engagement

Building capacity through reflection

Review frequency & what to cover

Discovering the will and the way

Why managing everyone in the same way means some people will fall behind.

Massively improve engagement and ability to learn

Identify the best approach for each individual

Bespoke Development

Organisations who are responsive to change need leaders who are coaches and facilitators, capable of leading through ambiguity.  Creating a vision, even when the path is unclear, because it’s new, everyone is learning together & to be pioneering you have to walk a different path.

I get to know organisational needs, build trust & develop resilient, supportive leadership teams, who understand how to develop the emotional intelligence, resilience and capabilities of their teams.

Let’s start a conversation

The best way to decide whether I can meet your needs is to get in touch.  Understanding your organisation – it’s culture, the way you do things and the challenges you are facing means I can provide the best solution, learning will happen and lasting change will take place.

Contact me and we can have a phone discussion or arrange to meet face to face.


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