Getting teams to Wow! Team alignment programme.

The Wow! programme, for teams of people who work together regularly, creates a collaboration of people who really ‘get’ one another, have open and honest conversations so challenges are overcome and problems are solved and who really, truly understand the strategy and how that interprets into what they do day to day.


Reaching Wow! means teams will be super productive and aligned in what they do with the ability to innovate and evolve as change happens.


There are 5 one day workshops which can take place over several weeks or months.


Based upon the Drexler Sibbett team performance model, the programme includes:

Pause and re-ignite -Reflect and review together on what’s been achieved, what has been learned and challenges overcome together.  Starts of process of dialogue and shared understanding.  Acknowledges and recognises personal and team contributions.

Defining ‘why’ – aligned to organisational purpose, but specific to the team, so they get really clear on what’s important and why they do what they do.

Windows on the world and who we are –  developing understanding and trust using behavioural profiling.  If I understand your motivations and values, this helps me to understand what drives your actions and vice versa.  This leads to more acceptance and less defensiveness. Conflicts are resolved, or don’t arise in the first place.  Building strategies for communication which includes everyone’s needs.

Solving it together – Building the skills to support one another to overcome challenges and problem solve together.  Developing listening and questioning skills to help develop understanding and clarity.  The power of review and reflection. Creating the capacity to learn and problem solve together.

Vision, goals and Wow! – Creating a shared vision for the teams future.  Developing clarity about how and what needs to be done.  Building in review and reflection for continuous improvement.  Celebrating Wow!

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