It’s the people within a business who enable it to change, grow and be sustainable. EvolveYou work with leaders and teams, ensuring they understand and fully engage with the organisations purpose and strategy.

We specialise in medium sized, growing businesses and often speak to leaders who are engaged, enthusiastic, visionary people who have a hugely committed team, but at the point of change, or growth, frustration grows as they feel their team just isn’t stepping up.

EvolveYou involve your team to facilitate this step change through the following:

  • Vision and purpose articulation
  • Translating strategy into meaningful goals and objectives
  • Values which articulate what really matters to the people in the organisation
  • Closing the gap between how your team say they behave and how they really behave
  • Developing the ability to make autonomous decisions fully aligned with what’s needed strategically
  • Developing understanding and buy-in to what it means to be accountable.
  • Absolute clarity on how each individual contributes to organisational purpose, creating drive, energy and enthusiasm

It’s about creating a team which is thriving, rather than striving, this is a combination of distilling the purpose and strategy of the organisation into the DNA of every single team member, facilitating conversations which inspire honesty and creativity, as well as the ability to challenge and resolve conflicts. And putting no hassle, admin light people processes and ways of working into place to help keep the momentum of the evolving culture moving.

This encourages agility and a sustainable organisation because the people in it know how to solve problems and continuously learn and improve.

It sounds simple, but when you’re trying to juggle increasing customer demand, evolving a game plan and developing a team it can become overwhelming.

Working with EvolveYou creates the space, time and focus to highlight where you are and where you want to be – as a team and an organisation. We can then work out together how to get there, involving the whole team, so everyone is accountable.

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