I have a vision of a world where people say:

“I have created a wonderful life and I have all the personal resources I need to fulfil my potential and thrive not strive.”


“I work for an organisation and I love it! I feel as though I bring the best of me every day and it’s really appreciated. The people are great – sometimes we challenge each other, but we have loads of trust, so we’re honest, whilst appreciating we’re all different. I’m really clear on what’s expected of me – it does change at times, because, well … things change, but we work it through together.”

Team, leadership and organisational development

I work with you to create teams who adapt to change swiftly and innovate continuously by building working practices and the emotional intelligence needed to be continually resilient, supportive and productive.

Personal mentoring

Successful leaders interpret company vision & strategy into meaning for their teams. They are self aware & continuously evolve their emotional intelligence. They are adept coaches and change facilitators.

Individual and specific – personal mentoring means development will be accelerated and learning implemented.

Life Coaching

Clear what’s holding you back, find the resilience and resources for the present and create a compelling vision for your future.  Work with me and you will create a wonderful life and live it!

Let’s start a conversation

Contact me to talk about what you would like to achieve personally or what you feel is needed to help your team or organisation to develop.  We can explore how I can support you.

Let’s start a conversation